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AniSecrets is a brand name of  Rahasya Online Campus (India) LLP.  Unique Swadeshi Solution for 3D Animation & Gaming  Education. Our Professional Team and Highly experienced Faculty are committed, to provid wide range of 3D Animation & 3D Gaming production skills, with Open Source and Cross-Platform Technology and also committed to develop  Bhartiya Theme based  Eco System of 3D Animation & Gaming Courses & Projects.  

“AniSecrets is the master key for opening the hidden Secrets of Animation & Gaming.”
Ravindra Ravi (Senior VFX Artist)
“These are the only people who are working on Real Bhartiya theme based Animation and non voilent Gaming.”
Chandra Prakash Swami (Digital Photo Professional)

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involves identifying responsibilities, grouping them into departments or divisions, and specifying organizational relationships.


achieves the goals of the organization. requires proper allocation of resources and an effective support system.


Her planning function involves establishing goals and arranging them in logical order. she engage in both short and long-range planning.